Travel | Botanical Gardens Sheffield

Since being referred to a dermatologist I currently travel to Sheffield (South Yorkshire, UK) frequently, currently for Allergy testing which is of mild annoyance (If anyone has had this before they’ll understand), but nevertheless it’s fantastic what they can find out from this and will hopefully improve my skin’s quality of life dramatically. Anyway, so I thought well I’d better make the most of my time here and  see what’s about.


Today I wore my black t-shirt dress from ASOS with Houndstooth block Jacket from H&M thrown on top, black MOTO Skinnies from Topshop, and ever faithful Birkenstocks which were probably the best investment ever as I have practically lived in them since purchasing about a month ago, along with my skinnies. I tend to stick with my oversized tops, black skinnies and Birkenstocks as a go to style. I love nothing more than comfort.

So on my last few visits I kept seeing a sign for Botanical Gardens on my route to the hospital and kept thinking I need to visit. I google mapped it and it was only a short diverted walk and the weather was gorgeous today so I detoured.

The Botanical Gardens are beautiful. It is such a relaxed and peaceful place to spend your time. They have a lovely little cafe as you walk in with outside seating area overlooking some of the gardens too which is very welcoming with a cosy atmosphere.

As you walk through the gardens you will find there are many little pathways and seemingly secret passages that lead on to alternative sectors. It is easy to get lost in your thoughts as you wander aimlessly around, trying to figure out if you have missed anywhere (or that may just be me, I tend to drift off sometimes and get lost!), and also just to clear your head and discover the incredible beauty nature has to offer, a minimum of 5000 species of plants which I think is more than impressive. The layers of colour and texture are any creative thinkers dream and had I more time I would have loved to spend an afternoon there sketching, sunbathing and reading. I’d like to share a few pictures with you but I just don’t feel they really do the charm of this place justice.


IMG_6318IMG_6319 IMG_6320IMG_6321


There are also the garden’s inside the Grade 2 listed Glass Pavilions which are architecturally stunning. I was lucky to be able to visit on such a lovely day which naturally would add to the calm and relaxing atmosphere but I definitely recommend this as somewhere to visit if you go to Sheffield, and it’s only about a 20 minute walk from the hustle and bustle of the City Centre, judging from the peacefulness however, you would never know.

Unfortunately I couldn’t eat at the cafe as you had to spend a minimum of £10 on your card (a disadvantage to travelling alone) but I did find a lovely pub only a few metres away, a Wetherspoons which had a beautiful garden dining area and great offers on their meals and drinks!


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