Travel | London – Sealife Aquarium 

I haven’t written anything in a while as I have been on vacation to London. I regularly go to look after a family friends cat; Kiki, if they go on vacation themselves. Kiki is a lovely bermese cat who is great company so I enjoy going to spend time with her. I also really love London so I’m lucky to go quite often and Kiki doesn’t have to go to a cattery with people she doesn’t know win! 

Ive been meaning to visit the Sealife Aquarium for a long time as I am really interested in the vast amount of creatures there are on this earth, I find nature and life pretty amazing and really inspiring so I couldn’t wait to visit! It’s quite expensive at £23.50 for entry (cheaper if you book online in advance) but it is worth it as there is plenty to see and I wanted to share some images I took whilst I was there…


Inspiration wise If you’re interested in the creative field or work in it there’s lots of colours and textures that visually excite the eye, or if you’re just interested in seeing the types of Sealife we’re lucky to have in London this is a great place to see them! I did feel a little sorry for them being couped up in there but they seem to be really looked after and their habitats have been made to mirror their natural habitat as much as possible which I feel is very important for them.

I visited during the summer holidays so it was a bit crazy with tourist visitors but I put my headphones in and listened to The Smiths, this made the crowds a bit more bearable so I would maybe recommend finding out when they’re a bit quieter, but I would definitely recommend visiting as the Sealife are beautiful and the variety are amazing! X

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